Mike Roberts and So-Cal Builders are a pleasure to work with. As a designer, I work with all types of contractors and tradespeople, and Mike is by far one of the best. Clients love his temperament, attitude, and work ethic. They also love the fact that’s things are done on time and on budget. His ability to manage large construction projects and his team with a calm, “can do” manner can be rare in this business. On our most recent project together, a large and complete remodel, Mike managed every aspect of the job, from plans, city inspections, complete demolition, to all of the construction (interior and exterior) tile, paint, plumbing, electrical, and more. He was able to take my plans and drawings and make them a reality for our mutual clients, who are 110% happy and thrilled with their newly done home.
— Morraika S., An Interior Motive Designs LLC, Palm Desert, CA
I write this letter to share with others the wonderful experience my wife and I have had working with Mike Roberts and So-Cal Builders. Mike is a talented, creative, and thorough contractor. He runs a very clean site, which is representative of his overall goal of perfection. A good indication of his professionalism is the relationship and mutual respect he shares with his employees and sub contractors. Mike clearly stands above other contractors and is not afraid to give that extra effort to give the client what they want. “I can’t do that” is not in Mike’s vocabulary. The sub trades that Mike has brought to our site are all clean, respectable, knowledgeable and qualified good people, which is a further reflection of Mike himself. I will hire Mike for any project we may undertake in the future and I recommend Mike to any one that is looking for a true professional to work with.
— Dave and Maria G., Rancho Mirage, CA and Vancouver, B.C.
I have had the “great pleasure” of working closely with Mike Roberts of So-Cal Builders on 3 different occasions to date for a mutual client of ours. He has always been very easy to collaborate with and executes a professional, confident approach for all details necessary with projects ranging from
mid to high end.. More importantly, Mike makes everyone he works with feel at ease and is a “YES” Man...reflecting a positive outlook towards details on all his projects both big or small. He has excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic and has a good sense of humor which is always a welcome trait while undertaking renovations of any kind which at times, can be stressful for the clients.
I look forward to working closely with Mike and his team once again in the future.
If you are in need of a credible, detail oriented company that has celebrated many successful projects based on their own merit to assist you in building or renovating your dream project...
do yourself a favor....call Mike of So-Cal Builders. They will not only meet but exceed your expectations.
— Michele B., Miccaro Designs, Vancouver, B.C.
Mike Roberts at So-Cal Builders was referred by a friend in Vancouver. We were looking for a contractor to manage a complete renovation of a 5500 sq. ft. home in Rancho Mirage. Working first with a designer we then presented Mike with a set of plans which he developed a detailed construction proposal setting out costs and timing of the project. Over the seven months of the project, Mike managed every detail communicating regularly with the designer, and when necessary, with us to ensure everything was going as planned. We found that Mike was always responsive to our calls, emails, and telephone texting…evenings and weekends included. Another thing we appreciated was his ability to critique our thoughts about how the finishing of a particular item may look, and, invariably, his suggestions would be an improvement. We were at the property for some of the time it was under renovation, and to the man, they were all helpful and pleasant to have around. Overall, the project was finished on time and on budget. Our designer shares our view that So-Cal Builders and Mike Roberts personally are of the utmost professionalism and deserve high marks and strong recommendations for not simply meeting our expectations, but exceeding them. Great job, Mike.
— Tim and Judy R., Rancho Mirage, CA
Over the years, my wife and I have had many home remodel projects or new construction. In addition to this, we have done multiple commercial buildings. We can honestly say that the relationship with So-Cal Builders has been one of the best that we have experienced. Mike Roberts will do what he says he will do. You can depend on him to finish on time and within budget.
— Gary R., Rancho Mirage, CA and Vancouver, WA
We’ve just completed a 7 month total remodeling project in our home. Our contractor, So-Cal Builders, did a terrific job. During the planning stage, they made sure to understand what we wanted and offered several original suggestions that met our needs. During the actual remodeling, their workmanship and attention to detail were outstanding. The So-Cal staff are excellent craftsmen who are polite and accommodating. The subcontractors they chose were talented and did excellent work. And So-Cal provided the proper oversight. So-Cal did a good job of managing out budget and alerting us to any variations. Finally, they worked very well with our decorator and landscaper…and us. I highly recommend this company.
— Howard L., Rancho Mirage, CA and Minneapolis, MN